Highly produced: the photos of Holly Holm that her fans fell in love with on social networks

Highly produced: the photos of Holly Holm that her fans fell in love with on social networks

Holly holm, renowned American fighter and legend of UFC, made two posts on Instagram and fell in love with the fans. The lace comes from defeating Irene Aldana in Fight Island 4 in Abu Dhabi, which was held in “the island of the fight.” After that conquest, it was very active on social networks, although these last publications gave something to talk about. With over two million followers, it clearly goes viral quickly.

The last two photos of him in Instagram They gave something to talk about, taking into account that it left more than one with their mouths open. In the first, she can be seen with a close-up, very produced and showing off her face for the followers. In the next one, he appears posing for the photo, advertising one of his sponsors. Anyway, he showed off his six pack abs and was filled with positive comments.

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His last battle

After completely dominating in the five rounds against Irene Aldana, the American thinks about what comes after Fight Island 4. In the stellar of the great event that took place on October 3 in Abu Dhabi, she took a new step to return to imagine yourself in contention for the title. Now, it only remains to know what will happen and with whom he will collide in a hypothetical chance. Although he has nothing planned, he knows that he is looking for the belt and that is why he enjoys a few days off.

Goes for everything

Weeks ago, Holm he dictated, “I will continue to work hard. That’s what I’ll do. I know double champion Amanda Nunes has a lot to do right now, with another fight already scheduled. Tough girls are coming. I feel like the 135-pound division is always pretty stacked so I’m not going to set my sights on something too harsh. I’m going to let the opportunity come and the next fight after the next fight.

For his part, palpitating what will come next in his spectacular career, Holly He said, “It felt good to just get in there and get a commanding performance and not something that’s too close. There are fights that I’ve had that are fights and some are in the clinch, and I’m kind of trying to put it all together and be a well-rounded fighter. I felt like I was capable of doing a lot of that tonight, but yeah, I always want to do more.

Holly Holm.
Holly Holm’s Instagram post.

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