Jon Jones vs. Brock Lesnar? The video of both that excites UFC fans

Jon Jones vs.  Brock Lesnar?  The video of both that excites UFC fans

In these hours, Jon jones was seen head-on with Brock Lesnar and the fans of UFC they went crazy. Both legends of Mixed Martial Arts have been among the most figurative throughout history, so they mean a lot to the aspirants. For this reason, the idea of ​​crossing them at some point was clearly always latent. Anyway, that may not be close.

On the Fullviolence Instagram account, Jon jones with Brock Lesnar to laughter. The former Light Heavyweight champion approached the former Heavyweight leader, so he quickly went viral. There, hundreds of fans began to request the crossing between the two. Notably, today, the legendary “Bones” rose to the top flight of the company to get another title in his career.

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Lesnar He has not made it clear whether he wishes to continue wrestling, return to MMA, or officially retire. The 43-year-old heavyweight hasn’t seen action in the Octagon since UFC 200 in 2016, when he defeated Mark Hunt. There, an anti-doping for a positive substance annulled his victory. The victory was sad, as he tested positive for clomifer. Soon after, the UFC announced that the giant and legendary fighter had retired for the second time in six years.

What Dana White said

Not a word. I can tell you that I’m sure I’d love to know how his family is doing, things like that, but I think that would be the scope of the conversation with him, nothing to talk about a return. Any warrior also deserves his rest “, was what the president of UFC, highlighting that he has not maintained contact with the former Heavyweight champion.

On the other hand, Dana White raised her voice for another issue that is also a reality. The age of Brock It is not the most suitable for such a close return, so you do not see it returning to the cage in a short time. “The guy has had a long and murderous career and became a Heavyweight Champion of UFC, and has also succeeded in WWE again. He has made a lot of money and I don’t think he will need to go back. I just don’t see him coming back here at his age, ”he dictated.

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