‘Manteca’ Martínez: the value of Maestro Tabárez and the possible arrival of Cavani to Boca

'Manteca' Martínez: the value of Maestro Tabárez and the possible arrival of Cavani to Boca

The ‘Manteca’ Sergio Martínez highlighted this Monday the value that Maestro Óscar Washington Tabárez had in his career and the importance of his process leading the Uruguayan National Team. In dialogue with the program ‘Conectados x Boca’, the former forward also He referred to the possible arrival of Edinson Cavani to Xeneize and assured: “It is the dream that all bosteros have.”

Cavani, current Manchester United striker, stated at the time that he would like to celebrate a goal in La Bombonera as ‘Manteca’ Martínez did in the 1990s. The former footballer commented on the chance that the Salta player could meet that goal : “It’s what all of us bosteros want, for Edi to come. Hopefully it can happen in June, it will be known later. It is the dream we all have ”.

Martínez confirmed that a few months ago he was able to talk with Walter Guglielmone, Cavani’s brother and representative: “I told him something about Boca but it couldn’t be given. Now we are all waiting to see if this can materialize in this next transfer market ”.

Asked if Román Riquelme asked him to convince his compatriot, the former Uruguayan player said: “A little yes and a little no. I think Roman has a reach for all the players, that is clear because he is Roman, if he picks up the phone he can speak directly ”.

“At the time Edinson played with (Leandro) Paredes (ex Boca) in Paris Saint-Germain, there is always an acquaintance who comes to him, you make him ring the phone and you say ‘they asked me about you’, ‘they want you from here’. And all that brings things closer together and what happens is that after Edi said that she wanted to get on the fabric, how do you get rid of that dream? Hopefully they will leave the fabric and not take it out, so it can really go up ”, said Manteca.

For his part, Martínez also referred to the value that Maestro Tabárez has had in his career: “He is like my father in football terms, I started with the Maestro in the youth teams in Uruguay, then I went to the 1990 World Cup in Italy, I came to Boca ; he always tries to advise me ”.

Among those tips, Manteca recalled what Tabárez told him when he arrived in Boca in 1992: “The first thing he spoke to me was journalism. And then where did it end, the players who had played there, also those who were on the squad. I was young, I came from Uruguay and despite having played in a big team (Peñarol) you didn’t know what you were going to find ”.

“One was already watching Argentine football on television, waiting twelve at night to see the entire stage of Argentine football. But it is one thing to see it from the outside and another is when you are inside and you begin to experience all that the Boca world is, ”added the former striker of Defensor Sporting, Peñarol, Boca, Deportivo La Coruña, Nacional and the Uruguayan National Team.

And he detailed that talk about Argentine journalism that he had with Tabárez: “First of all, there are ten journalists in Uruguay. And you arrive in Argentina and there are two or three radio journalists who follow a team, so there is already a difference there, you know that you are monitored all the time ”.

Martínez pointed out that as time goes by one ‘sees the journalists that you don’t like, those who give you more stick than others, and those who say you’re not a player for Boca’: he said ‘be careful with that one’; one is already big and more or less knows, and as time went by we all got to know each other ”.

“I’m still very introverted, it was very difficult for me to go out and talk and be in all the media fighting me, I don’t like being on the lap. When I scored goals and when I didn’t, I was always low profile; I had no problems at all, but you also have to know how to handle the press because sometimes it can be a double-edged sword ”, emphasized the ‘Manteca’.

Then he referred to the fifteen years that Tabárez has been directing the Uruguayan National Team: “I appreciate him very much and I will always defend him, here in Uruguay he has a very good process in the National Team, perhaps part of the journalism says that he only won one Cup America and that we came out fourth, maybe we can play better but football is getting more and more difficult ”.

“Uruguay has players who play everywhere but it becomes difficult later when you play with other powers because the players get together for a couple of days, and they go and play, and there is always someone injured and another who does not arrive, we are a small country and We are always there bothering and all this is due to the work of these fifteen years that the Master has been, ”he remarked.

And he particularly pointed out: “The Master changed in the sense that the gurisitos of the sub15 in the Celeste Complex say ‘good morning’, they greet everyone and when they arrive at the national team they fall under the wing of the greatest, who tell them the stories of what Uruguay is, what the shirt is and that has been passed from generation to generation since the Master has been present. In the Complex all the juniors practice and if you have to ask him who is the nine of the sub15 he knows the name, nothing escapes him. He is very good in the head, he has to continue there ”.

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