Spectacular! Ciryl Gane agreed to fight a UFC star

Spectacular!  Ciryl Gane agreed to fight a UFC star

With a lot of respect, Ciryl Gane made it clear that he wants to fight another star from UFC soon. Is about Derrick Lewis, who has a giant present in the leading Mixed Martial Arts company. These two could be next rivals in the most important cage in the world, so fans are starting to get excited about the event. Therefore, the Frenchman left some words.

Being so, I win He started by saying, ‘Yeah, the Lewis fight is going to be good for the contract. I think I would like to finish the fight before the end. Of course, because I know it’s good to finish the fight, but it’s better to finish the fight before the end. So if I can, I will. Do you see the fight between Curtis and Derrick a week before? Blaydes, if he didn’t shoot too much with the fight, he would probably win the fight.

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«But he made only one mistake to go in front of Derrick Lewis and he did just one uppercut and ended the fight. To me, people say, ‘Come on, come on, come on!’ But I don’t want to play the same game as Curtis Blaydes. It’s a bit embarrassing. He doesn’t have a lot of skills, but this guy is fucking dangerous. With a single hit, just one hit, he can finish the game and is number 2 in the rankings with just one hit, ”he added.

On the other hand, Ciryl He made it clear that he has no problem dealing with it, mentioning the following about it: “So yeah, this guy is really dangerous. Maybe not now because I never did good strength training. And when you want to work on your strength, you need maybe two months. So not now, maybe in three months, maybe in June or July.

What he said before

To close, Ciryl Gane he dictated weeks ago: “Then I am happy. I think I tried something. I can go to five rounds and I can manage five rounds. I am very comfortable with five rounds. I can understand it. He’s the boss and he wants to make money, so he needs our attention. People want a show. He wants big KOs. And I didn’t finish the fight. I tried but didn’t. So I can understand the reviews. But I’m fine”.

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