Sports forecasts go crazy with Facu Campazzo

Sports forecasts go crazy with Facu Campazzo

Can we say that Facundo Campazzo is the figure of the Nuggets? No. But what we can say is that he is finding his place in the team.

He is not yet contributing many points, he did not arrive with that role either, but it is the emotional injection that the team needs at different moments of the game. And in this he is driving the sports forecasts.

Facu Campazzo was essential in the victory against the Bulls:

A few days ago, the Argentine was decisive in the closing of the last quarter in the clash between Denver and Chicago Bulls. He stole a fundamental ball, with only seconds left, to give his team the opportunity to take the game into overtime.

In the sports prognostic results the Nuggets had an advantage, but because of how the game was played with the Bulls up for much of it, a surprise was expected to break the bookmakers. But Jamal Murray and Facu had another plan in their heads.

Words that explain it all:

To understand the relationship between these two, where the first one scored 34 points and was the great figure of the night, we can replicate what Campazzo said after the game: “Jamal told me to go for the robbery. I waited for the moment that LaVine stopped looking at the ball and looked for it. “

With 30 seconds to go to the end of the fourth quarter, with a 3-point lead for Chicago, the former Real Madrid held up the rival offense, stole a fundamental ball and then moved in front of the opponent to make the foul. From that play was born the tie and the possibility of winning the duel in overtime.

Michael Porter, the team’s coach, commented on Facu’s post-win: “Without that steal we wouldn’t win the game. Facu, as I say all the time, can shoot once and have two points, but his impact on the game is incredible. He is a winner ”.

What’s next for Facu’s Denver?

Thinking about the NBA forecasts, we leave you the fixture of the Nuggets:

03/23/2021 – Magic vs Nuggets
03/24/2021 – Raptors vs Nuggets
03/26/2021 – Pelicans vs Nuggets
03/28/2021 – Nuggets vs Hawks
03/30/2021 – Nuggets vs 76ers
04/1/2021 – Clippers vs Nuggets
04/04/2021 – Nuggets vs Magic
04/06/2021 – Nuggets vs Pistons
04/07/2021 – Nuggets vs Spurs

Facu Campazzo is the figure of Denver’s social networks:

Since Facundo Campazzo arrived in Denver, the institution’s social networks have been transformed. The Nuggets’ official Twitter account understood what happened and made the most of it. Each publication referring to the Argentine has three times as many interactions, as a minimum, than any other post.

The interactions range from many comments, all praising the level of Facu, to tweets quoted with comments that manage to make the publication more viral. Not only did he change sports forecasts, also modified the internal game of the institution.

What’s next in the NBA:

We are going to stop talking about Campazzo a bit to get to analyze, quickly, the current regular season. If you are thinking about NBA forecasts You have to keep in mind that Philadelphia, Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee look at everyone from above in the Eastern Conference, while Utah, the Lakers and Phoenix Suns do it in the Western Conference.

As stipulated, the NBA Playoffs will begin at the end of May, while the finals will begin on July 8. Who will win this season? In the NBA sports forecasts it’s the Brooklyn Nets and LeBron James’ Angels Lakers who are leading the betting.

Miami Heat, the last to break sports forecasts:

Last year, during the Coronavirus pandemic, the Miami Heat hit the hit when they reached the NBA final, where they managed to get a game out of it, but lost to the Angels Lakers of LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

On the way to the final, Miami was breaking all NBA forecasts. First he cleaned the Indiana Pacers, then he hit the first hit by taking out the Milwaukee Bucks and closed by eliminating the Boston Celtics, who were the big favorite to reach the final and face the Lakers.

Who can win the 2021 MVP title?

As always, to speak with certainty of these sports forecasts we will have to wait for the NBA finals to come. However, we can play a bit imagining what can be achieved.

Last year, Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Greek who plays for the Milwaukee Bucks, was the MVP. It surprised many, yes, but it deserved it. Another candidate is Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks, even though his team is not having a very good season. Then, of course, there are the usual monsters.

When are the NBA finals played?

Thinking about the NBA forecasts From the grand final, now leaving the conference playoff clashes behind, we have to move to July 2021. It will be, as always, the best of 7 games. Unless LeBron repeats, the NBA will give us a new champion because the Lakers conquered the title in 2020 after 5 consecutive titles of the Golden State Warriors of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. Precisely, the latter is now in the Brooklyn Nets, one of the great favorites to stay with this special season.

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