The moving confession of Pierre Gasly: ​​«I cried until I could no more»

Pierre Gasly

Pierre Gasly was one of the protagonists of the 2020 season of the Formula 1. The Frenchman was left with the victory in the Italian Grand Prix last year and there he was among the hearts of the fans. However, in the last hours he opened up to the public and confessed how he experienced the death of his great friend: Antoine Hubert. «I cried until I could no longer», he assured.

Hubert’s death was a before and after in the motor world. The young star passed away in a gruesome accident during the Belgian Grand Prix of Formula 2. In that same accident, Juan Manuel Correa He suffered serious injuries, which prevented him from getting back into a car until a few weeks ago. Gasly, he was one of the closest to Hubert.

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Gasly wrote for a column called ‘The Players Tribune’ and commented on how he mourned the death of his great friend. In addition, during that date, Gasly received another hard news in his sports career. There, the team Red bull confirmed that he would not continue in the team, being replaced by Alexander Albon, which was in Toro rosso.


“I remember thinking that maybe someone had been seriously injured and would be out for the rest of the year. But, in my heart, I could feel that something had really gone wrong. My body just knew it. My breathing became erratic and my hands became sweaty. I ran to the hospital area to see my parents and my girlfriend, who had more information. I could see that they were shattered. I understood what it meant, ”he recalled.

On the other hand, Gasly commented that that day will be unforgettable for him, since he had lost one of his best friends in the paddock. ‘It was completely broken. I cried until I couldn’t. I have never experienced a worse feeling than that in my life. Never. That night, when I closed my eyes to sleep, I thought of my friend, “he said to finish the topic.

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