“They keep calling me Superman, but now for other reasons”, reflects Adonis Stevenson


Adonis Stevenson He reflected on his career, and made reference to the blow he suffered and that changed his life.

A loss to the now retired Oleksandr Gvozdyk in December 2018, he modified the career and the existence of Adonis stevenson inside the ring. After an eleventh round knockout, Stevenson He was rushed to a hospital in Quebec and was not expected to make it out alive. But the miracle happened.

In a state of enviable clarity of mind, Stevenson gave an interview to Lewis watson of the magazine Boxing News. Little by little, the retired boxer seeks to regain his full health.

“At this moment I am going step by step, trying to regain my full health,” he explained. Superman. “I am much better now than I was. My family is helping to take care of me, my mother in particular. It is very important to me to have an incredible family that has supported me at all times. People say, ‘If you have a good family, that’s all that matters.’ When you reach the lowest point I have reached, it is important to be surrounded by love. “

After suffering a traumatic brain injury in the race, the Canadian by adoption required immediate neurosurgery to stop the bleeding. A portion of his skull was removed to reduce swelling. He spent 22 days in an induced coma, and woke up to find that his life had mutated forever.

“All I remember is hearing the voice of God speaking to me, telling me to relax and take my time,” he explained. Superman. “I could also hear the voices of my children, they were all I could think about. I grew up without a father, as he died before I was born, so I had that struggle and determination within me to not let my children go through the same situation as me. I couldn’t let them grow without me being there. “

Adonis He accepts that despite the tragedy, many people continue to call him Superman.

“A lot of people tell me, ‘Adonis, you can speak two languages ​​after coming out of the coma, this is incredible, ‘”said the former light heavyweight champion of the World Boxing Council. “People still call me Superman now, but I suppose for different reasons. The doctors told me that what I have overcome in the last two years is not normal. I should have died, but for some reason, God gave me a second chance. “

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Adonis Stevenson and his new life plans

Adonis stevenson provide boxing classes online, through their social networks. He also wants to do it in person, once the health situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic allows it.

“Boxing saved my life,” he concluded. Superman. “He almost took it from me after my concussion, but it saved me before anything else.”

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