This was the experience of Valentino Rossi with the Coronavirus: «I felt like a plague»

Valentino Rossi.

Valentino rossi lived one of the hardest moments of his sporting career in 2020. The Italian was infected with coronavirus and this week he gave details of how his experience with the virus. Number 46 gave an interview to the Italian newspaper ‘La Reppublica’ and spoke about his symptoms. On the other hand, he confirmed that he was infected after he went to dinner with a friend. «I felt like a plagueRossi said.

Rossi detailed how it was the experience that he had to live after catching the coronavirus. In the interview, the nine-time World Champion assured that he had a bad time when he found out that he was ill, especially after confirming that his mother, Stefania Palma, test positive. Rossi had strong physical symptoms and missed three races on the 2020 calendar.

Valentino Rossi broke the silence and said until when he thinks to run


“On Le Mans Sunday I went back to Tavullia and went for pizza. I saw a boy from Milan that I have known for a long time, and he was happy because he had just received a negative result for his coronavirus test. I don’t even know if I hugged him or if I just shook his hand. But two days later he called to tell me that he had a fever. Two days later I woke up with terrible back pain and a high fever, ”Rossi said.

On the other hand, he commented that the contagion from his mother occurred in a surprising way, since they respected the protocols to the letter. “I was not afraid. He was breathing well. She was scared. She would let me eat and leave, but then she caught it. It was tough because he was isolated from everything. I, who have always been a party, because everyone I know smiles at me and I seem to bring joy, but now I felt like a plague, “he added.


To close, Valentino was grateful for the work of MotoGP to vaccinate the paddock. «We are privileged. I didn’t feel anything with the first dose. I will take the second in Doha after the second race, in early April. They say that for those who have been infected there may be some small reaction, but I do not care, it is too important, “he said.

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