Chiquita González shows the best prize after a hard training: go buy a Playstation 5

Chiquita González muestra el mejor premio tras un duro entrenamiento: ir a comprar una Playstation 5

The legend of Mexican boxing, Humberto “Chiquita” González, showed what is the best prize after a hard training: go buy a Playstation 5.

And it is that the former world champion, 54, remains in shape. He has a well-conditioned gym in his house, and he works out daily.

It looks very good, and what is learned well is never forgotten. We can see him hitting the pear, doing great footwork, and hitting a sack hard in the gym.

Of course, having in front of a giant poster of him, from when he entered the Hall of Fameby Canastota. It is that, the maximum prize for any boxer. Without a doubt, the best way to keep motivating yourself every day you train.

And as if that weren’t enough, the Chiquita González Gamer came out, because he went to a shopping center to buy a Playstation 5. It is the coveted video game console of Sony who has broken sales records since leaving.

Plus, she went shopping for her console just one day before her 55th birthday, so she got a great birthday present.

At the moment, the console is sold out on the official Playstation website, while in other places such as Amazon it sells for just over $ 815, or at Walmart Mexico for just over $ 672.

And so happy is he Humberto Gonzalez With his new toy, he has already begun to challenge his next rivals by saying that he is ready for the challenges and asking his fans what their favorite games are.

So do not be surprised if in the next few days we see the Little girl playing some of the online video games.

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Chiquita González and Canelo Álvarez

A few days ago, the former boxer took time to talk about the current Mexican champion, Saúl Canelo, Álvarez, and the constant criticism it receives.

“He is the boss of boxing, there is no more. What happens is that sometimes people are not convinced by the fights he gives, but I know that there are currently no rivals for him to show himself as the warrior they want to see, but he is a great fighter, “he said in an interview for RECORD.

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