Crazy! Pitched battle and shooting at an MMA event in the United States

Crazy!  Pitched battle and shooting at an MMA event in the United States

A few hours ago in Florida U.S, a hand-to-hand combat ended with shots being fired at the MMA. RIZE Fighting Championship: Battle of Warriors was the event that was taking place, the one that ended with uncontrolled action and a firearm being activated. Of course, the video went viral, after TMZ spread it on social networks. Apparently, everything would have started thanks to a referee.

In that sense, the promoter of RIZE Fighting Championship, Armando González, left some interesting phrases after the viral event this week. “Who knows what his thoughts were, if it were to dissipate the situation, but you can’t do that in the United States, especially in an event full of fans, with people, you can’t shoot guns into the air,” he said.

Sad news for fans: one of the most anticipated fights in the UFC has been called off

“Unfortunately, our Saturday night event came to an abrupt end due to unwanted and unacceptable behavior from some of the event attendees. However, we will not allow these unfortunate incidents to interrupt our promise to entertain fans of local fights, “he also added to his remarks.

There is concern

On the other hand, to calm the fans of this company, the aforementioned also reported the following in this regard: “We have been fortunate to have one of the safest wrestling events in the area. In RIZE we are dedicated and will continually focus on the safety of all attendees at our future events. ” So, try to skip the problems.

For his part, former UFC and Bellator fighter, Héctor Lombard, did not save anything and posted a strong message on social networks. There he wrote: “This guy just fired his pistol in the middle of a crowd at an amateur show. Shameful and pathetic cowardly behavior ruined a great night of fights. Now the video is getting more and more viral.

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