Nico Rosberg gave Mick Schumacher some advice for his debut

Nico Rosberg

This weekend will be the return of the Formula 1 to official activity. There will be the debut of Mick schumacher in the highest category. This is why many fans are waiting for the results of the son of Michael Schumacher. Nevertheless, Nico Rosberg, who lived a situation very similar to Schumacher, gave him a advice ahead of its premiere.

Nico Rosberg, like Mick, is the son of a World Champion. His father, Keke rosberg He was World Champion in the 1982 season, having an unusual record. He only won one race to consecrate himself, since he was the most regular of that season. Neither of his rivals won more than two races and Rosberg claimed the title with a Williams.

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Nico Rosberg followed in his father’s footsteps, and in 2016 he obtained his crown in Formula 1. Nico had to wait a long time to be crowned in the category, since he never managed to stay with a competitive car, until he reached the team Mercedes. After years of fighting alongside Lewis hamilton, Nico kept the title, retiring as World Champion.

Mick schumacher

The 2016 champion understands the difficulty of showing that he is at the level of Formula 1, especially being the son of a World Champion, something that Schumacher will have to live. “It’s not easy being the ‘son of’. With Mick it will be ten times more difficult, since Michael’s time is not so distant and he was much more successful, ”the former Mercedes driver told Sport1.

“I hope Mick can put that aside and focus on his work, otherwise it will take a lot of fun out of him. It takes time and patience. After all, I had to wait seven years to win my first race and eleven to be world champion. We have to take that into account when we evaluate Mick this year, “Rosberg said.

Source: Official Haas Twitter

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