The controversy began over the campaign against racism in Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton

The Formula 1 worked hard in the 2020 season to publicize the initiative of ‘We Race as One ‘, which aimed to end racism in sport. However, many leaders, pilots and stars of the motor world showed their rejection of this ‘Political Tool’, as the former president of the category, Bernie Ecclestone, called it a few days ago.

Due to the strong controversy that 2020 went through due to these campaigns, Formula 1 made a key decision. According to a Formula 1 spokesperson who spoke to, each driver will be able to choose not to kneel or show their acceptance of the campaign. This will bring queue to those who are most active in the campaign, such as Lewis Hamilton.

George Russell was selected for one of the most important positions in Formula 1

“Drivers will be free to show their commitment to this movement in their own way before the race and they will not need to make a specific gesture. The important thing is that everyone is together in full support of our initiatives on sustainability, diversity and inclusion in the community ”, they clarified from the top category.

Bernie ecclestone

A few days ago, Bernie Ecclestone expressed his concern about how the campaign against racism is being carried out. According to his words, in his mandate no driver will have to kneel and there would be no ceremonies of this type in the run-up to each Grand Prix. On the other hand, he assured that the movement ‘Black Lives MatterHe’s ‘using’ Hamilton to get money out of him.

«I supported a lot of black people. And it is clear that Lewis has the right to give his opinion. I told your father to be careful. Because it is being used by these people who support this movement and are making a lot of money from it. If I’d been there there wouldn’t be anyone in jerseys on the podium and this thing about kneeling before races, ”Ecclestone fired.

Hamilton is one of the main instigators of the anti-racism campaign Source: Official Twitter Formula 1

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