With everything! The UFC star Dan Ige wants to clash with in his next fight

With everything!  The UFC star Dan Ige wants to clash with in his next fight

After leaving everyone with their mouths open in the UFC Vegas 21, Dan Ige Go for more and look for a star The fighter from Hawaii achieved a nonsense in just 22 seconds of combat. He knocked out his rival very quickly and was left with one of the best images of the entire evening. It was Gavin Tucker who ended up lying on the canvas, feeling the power of his rival. Now, it goes by «The Korean Zombie«.

Starting with his words, Ige He expressed, “I let the fans and the media create a stir around this. I’m not a matchmaker, but it definitely makes sense. ‘Zombie‘, he’s in the top five echelon and I’m obviously aiming for the title and to get to the title I have to beat the guys in those top five. But Dana said, I’ll say it, I’m a guy who will fight anyone. I don’t avoid any challenge.

22 seconds! Impressive and fast knockout of Dan Ige at UFC Vegas 21

“I was up against Gavin Tucker, who was a huge risk to me and didn’t have a number next to his name, but I’m not complaining or complaining about it. I love challenges, so I think the fight of Zombie It makes a lot of sense. He’s a guy coming in, he’s literally a zombie. If you look at my style, you can also call me a zombie. I’ve never finished, I can take a shot if I need to, and I always get close, so it’s a sick fight, ”he commented.

His previous sayings

On the other hand, Dan he had said, ‘I definitely knew I had the power. I have the power to knock out anyone. It’s just the timing, the precision, and the launch of the shot. But definitely, and I said it in the previous press conference, you know, ‘Fight of the Night’ to me is disrespectful. I want a ‘Performance of the Night’. I don’t want to have a close fight with someone.

I don’t want to receive unnecessary punishment or harm. I want to go out, end the fights, and get clean kills, and that’s what I did tonight. I mentioned «The Korean ZombieBut honestly, I’ll fight anyone. Dana said, ‘This guy will fight anyone,’ and she wasn’t lying. I risked my rankings tonight against a promising assassin. Yes, I am here to fight with anyone », he closed Dan Ige.

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