Durísimo: Jacques Villeneuve believes Lewis Hamilton no longer serves Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis hamilton is the visible face of Formula 1 and especially of the team Mercedes. That is why many point out that the British’s renewal with the champion team was highly dramatized. However, other important figures such as the 1997 World Champion, Jacques villeneuve, they assure that the Champions no longer change in anything that Hamilton follows with them or not.

Villeneuve always had controversial statements about the most important figures in the category and Hamilton was no exception. In his words, Mercedes and Hamilton have already reached their peak of ‘fame and prestige’, so they would not frown on changing some nuances of the team in the nearest future, which could mean that the seven-time champion no longer be, at least with Mercedes, next season.

The controversy began over the campaign against racism in Formula 1

Hamilton and Mercedes

“I think Mercedes has already reached its peak in terms of media attention and prestige. And winning again with Lewis Hamilton adds nothing to that, ”Villeneuve assured. The Canadian is remembered for the title won at the Jerez circuit against Michael Schumacher. That season was marked by the German’s embarrassing maneuver to take the title from the Canadian, which was totally in vain. Villeneuve joined the club Damon Hill and Nico Rosberg like the sons of former pilots who were champions.

On the other hand, he assured that “It doesn’t hurt Mercedes that Hamilton is in the car. But in the eyes of the public it is mainly the image of Hamilton that is growing as a result, not that of Mercedes, that is the perception and what would really help Mercedes is if they ever win with a driver other than Lewis. “

Finally, Villeneuve confirmed that the differences between Mercedes and the last Formula 1 champion were real, and gave his theory about what happened. “Clearly, the two parties disagreed. Whether for financial or social reasons, Lewis wanted to work less and less and receive an increasing payment, which usually does not work, “he said.

Source: Official Twitter Formula 1

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