Fernando Alonso compared himself with Hamilton and Vettel and surprised everyone: “I’m better”

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso will be returning to Formula 1 over the next weekend in the Bahrain Grand Prix. The start of the top flight will mean one more lap than expected by fans of the motor world. After two years of absence, the two-time World Champion will have the difficult task of putting the Spanish flag back in the top positions, which at the controls of the Alpine will seek to fight the most important teams in the paddock. The Spanish assured that he is at a higher level with respect to Vettel and Hamilton: «I am better«.

The Spanish will return to compete against names known to him. Lewis hamilton, Kimi raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel are figures Alonso readily recognizes. When he left Formula 1, these three drivers had the best cars, even a superlative level. Also, when the Spanish was in Ferrari, the three drivers were fighting together for the World title.

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However, Alonso knows that he will return to fight, despite not having the best car on the grid. Hamilton or Vettel could have a more competitive car than Alpine, but the Spanish will not give up. That is why in the last hours, when the BBC He asked him if he was still at a similar level to his rivals, the pilot of the French brand did not hesitate in his answer.

“Are you still as good as them?” The interviewer asked Alonso. “No, I’m better,” he answered without hesitation. A response that marked the field and generated all the expectations of Formula 1 fans and the Asturian driver. In addition, for the first time since what happened, Alonso spoke of the accident he suffered while riding a bicycle in the city of Lugano, Switzerland, which questioned his presence in the preseason.


“I was worried because I have been waiting for half of 2020 and I was preparing for the presentation of the team, for the first test and suddenly, you see yourself in a hospital after a bicycle accident and you do not know how long it will take you to recover, but the first response from the doctors was that in a week or ten days it should be ready. I had to stay home, but my season will not be affected ”, confirmed the Spaniard.

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