Human Rights Organizations made a new request to Formula 1: “The situation has worsened”

Fórmula 1

The last few months were very convulsed for the Formula 1. Multiple associations of Human rights They reproached the category that investigates the constant violations towards the population of some countries, where they will arrive to contest their Grand Prix. Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are the main ones pointed out by these organizations, which have already asked the leaders to issue a statement: «The situation has gotten worse»They assure.

After the controversy of Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, this weekend of the Bahrain Grand Prix was not going to be the exception. In total, 22 Human Rights organizations and 57 members of the British Parliament they sent a letter to the president of Formula 1, Stefano Domenicali Yet the International Automobile Federation (FIA), requesting an investigation into the facts.

The controversy began over the campaign against racism in Formula 1

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the organizations asked the leaders to ask an independent association to investigate the irregularities. “The situation in the country has worsened. The government outlawed opposition political parties and forcibly closed Bahrain’s only independent newspaper. Freedom of assembly is severely restricted, prohibiting unlicensed meetings of more than five people ”, they assure.

On the other hand, these associations and members of the British Parliament requested help from Lewis hamilton, which was again subpoenaed for these lawsuits. A few weeks ago, the organization ‘Code Pink‘He had sent another letter to Hamilton, asking him to take a position on the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, as they demand that he investigate the war battle between this country and Yemen.


The 2011 Bahrain Grand Prix was to be held in the midst of one of the most remembered rebellions in the Arab world. The population of that country took up arms against the government. This caused the race to be suspended. The images of the tanks near the circuit in 2011 were very shocking for the fans, who do not want to experience a similar situation again.

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