Lied? Dan Hardy says Herb Dean spreads false information about the fight between the two

Lied?  Dan Hardy says Herb Dean spreads false information about the fight between the two

Without a doubt, Dan Hardy already said a lot about his crossing with the referee Herb Dean, but still believes that everything was not clear. The Welterweight commentator and expeller strongly criticized the arrest of the renowned judge, in the victory of Francisco Trinaldo over Jai Herbert. This was on July 25, 2020, where a huge controversy arose. Almost a year later, everything remains unclear and there are even “lies” involved.

Thus, Hardy He started by saying, ‘There’s a monitor in front of me that says Dell on the back. That’s my monitor for fights. And if you look at the photo, it’s Herb’s arm that’s on my monitor. I’m standing at my desk, ready to turn around because we’re doing separate interviews. But as I stood up and took off my headphones to turn around and look at the camera, I realized that Herb He was already heading to my desk from the Octagon.

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Then I’m the one stopping the fight. And it’s like this strange misinformation that has happened about it, where I’m like I’m looking for a fight for some kind of personal gain. It’s just damn nonsense. Like, how stupid to say. Like, I really don’t know Jai Herbert. I know him as well as I know Francisco Trinaldo. It doesn’t matter if the situation was reversed, it would be the same situation, “he commented.

Did not tolerate their sayings

What’s more, Dan He also highlighted: “We’re talking about maybe thirty big differences in Darren Stewart’s pocket. But the reality is that it is a mistake. That was not a contest, it was a disqualification. Like, nonsense about putting a knee to the head. So what? It is still an illegal shot. It is still an illegal knee to the head. And not in any jurisdiction other than the Pride rules is fine. “

“I mean, you can see that now I can talk, so I can say exactly what I like, I don’t understand. Like, he’s working most events in Las Vegas, he’s considered the gold standard of the sport, but he makes a mistake almost weekly right now. Like, who’s going to criticize him? I will do that. I do not mind. If you look at the end of the fight, you will see that he turns and points at me through the cage, “he concluded. Dan Hardy.

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