NBA: Campazzo, consolidated in Denver’s rotation after transfer market closes

NBA: Campazzo, consolidated in Denver's rotation after transfer market closes

While for fans the transfer deadline of the NBA it is always an exciting day, for players not many times it is like that. The ghost of the cell phone ringing unexpectedly to warn that its future is in another franchise always circles among the players. Nevertheless, this was not the case for Facundo Campazzo, who after the market close in the league, was consolidated in the Denver Nuggets rotation.

Is that, when you get to the Colorado franchise, the great agglomeration of guards that the team presented generated doubts among its followers. How would i do Michael Malone to distribute minutes among so many guards? With the running of the games, the coach understood which players were vital to him and where the shortcomings were and, luckily for the Argentines, Campazzo was among the first.

The arrival of the eaves Aaron Gordon since Orlando Magic It was accompanied by the departure of the guard RJ Hampton, the rookie who asked for a clue on the Denver team but who, despite some flashes, lost ground in Malone’s consideration as the season progressed. Still his departure decompresses the guards sector and consolidates Campazzo, along with Monte Morris and PJ Dozier, as the relays from the bench for the team.

The additions of Gordon and JaVale McGee, what’s more, immediately transformed Denver into a stronger team, especially in defense and, in McGee’s case, in relays. The pivot will surely act as a replacement for Nikola Jokic and will allow the Serbian rest more and not play so many minutes in matches. Gordon, for his part, will surely appear to be the headline or fight for a top spot in the rotation.

Beyond this, the decision to let Hampton go, for whom Denver used a first-round pick in the last draft and in whom they had a lot of faith for the future, consolidates the Cordovan guard as a fundamental part of Denver’s rotation, entering from the bank and providing the spark that characterizes him and that makes the entire NBA speak from week to week.

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