Sebastian Vettel’s moving gesture to Carlos Sainz when he left Red Bull

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian vettel left the team Ferrari at the end of 2020 after years trying in vain to achieve the title, the fifth of his sports career. Patience was exhausted for the German, who after several destractions by the Italian team, made the decision to leave the team. His place will be occupied by the Spanish, Carlos Sainz, which will follow in Vettel’s footsteps. Both pilots have the coincidence of having emerged from the academy of young pilots of Red bull.

Sainz will arrive at Ferrari after two seasons with good results in McLaren, with podiums included. The Maranello team’s bet is very risky, as they will have two very young riders. Both Sainz and Charles Leclerc They will seek to return Ferrari to the top of the grid, something that will seem like a difficult task considering the results of the last season.

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Sainz gave an interview to the Spanish media ‘’ and recalled an exciting anecdote that he lived in Red Bull and has as its protagonist Sebastian Vettel. The new Ferrari team driver showed the humility and good gestures that the German usually has with all the employees of the teams where he works. Until now, this gesture from Vettel had never been known.

I remember

“The day he said goodbye to Red Bull in 2014, I was a simulator driver and he dedicated a letter to me. He thought that the work that I was doing in the simulator for him and for the team was important, and he had the detail of saying goodbye to Red Bull by sending a letter to all employees personalized for each employee, ”the Spaniard recalled in the interview.

“I was a simulator pilot at that time. He knew that at four in the morning I spent hours in the set-up recommending settings for his race in Australia and he had the detail of sending me a letter thanking me for that effort in the simulator and for those hours of work that he had put there, “he added. Sainz, who assured that his relationship with Vettel is beyond what happens on the track, saving him a very special affection.

Vettel had a similar gesture after the 2018 season

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