She’s back! Former UFC champion Miesha Tate already has a return date to the Octagon

She's back!  Former UFC champion Miesha Tate already has a return date to the Octagon

A few hours ago, it was confirmed that Miesha Tate will be back in UFC, dreaming of regaining the title. The former champion of the leading Mixed Martial Arts company made it clear that all the waiting is over, being eager to get back to the cage. In that sense, it was made official that he will return on July 17, when he collides with Marion reneau. In addition, he aimed to beat Amanda Ribas at some point not too distant.

In that way Tate She stressed, “I’m so excited, really. I mean, there is a fire that has been lit. My heart is completely filled with passion. I feel like I’m totally revitalized and when you know it, you know it. I dive in if I feel like it’s okay and that’s what I’m here to do. I feel like you’ve been calling me and now is the time to respond. I’m looking at this in a two-year perspective.

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“It is very difficult to really say because you always think that you would like to have a plan for your life and very rarely do you follow that. That is why I only think. But I have six fights on the contract, I have two years that I know for sure that I want to dedicate myself to this sport. But look, anything can happen from a fight. I’ll be honest, I really don’t know what to expect exactly, ”he also deepened.

Come back with everything

At the same time, Miesha She said, “That’s what’s so exciting for me, is that I can come in and mix with Marion and she’s the one who had to stick with those goals, but I can tell you that for the next two years, that’s my plan to be heavy. Obviously, I want to be a champion again and I think Amanda (Nunes) is a phenomenal fighter. She is the best, she is the best of all time. But I really believe that finally, hopefully, when that time comes, which I know will happen, I will.

“She could go out and hopefully she will have the next chance, and I would love if she could reach that goal too. But speaking right now, the champion is Amanda. I would love to fight her again because I know I have the style to beat her. I’m not taking anything from him at all. She’s just a scary woman and she hits like a man, and I know it. I have been there with her and I have seen what she has done since then, but I know that I have the style to beat her and I know that I feel like it, “he closed. Miesha Tate.

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