The last opportunity? Tyron Woodley and the chance to stomp Saturday at UFC 260

The last opportunity?  Tyron Woodley and the chance to stomp Saturday at UFC 260

Tyron woodley, former Welterweight Champion of UFC, did not have a year to remember and this Saturday can be redeemed. The American was 0-2 this past season, also losing his title to Kamaru Usman in March 2019. There is no doubt that he had several setbacks that left the 38-year-old in a bad light. Now, it will collide with Vicente Luque this weekend.

Being so, Woodley He stated: “Life is not always a straight path. It may be, but we make decisions and I made decisions in my life that diverted me from that path. Those are things that I have to deal with and quitting is not an option. I have to get to the top as I plan to do. I think karma is real, and you have to pay the piper at the end of the day. It didn’t kill me. He did not decapitate me from the sport.

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“I think history is better when someone comes back, when someone did not give up. I am still at the top. I’m still fast. I’m still probably the best mind in our division when it comes to knowing what’s going on. Sometimes, in the past, I had to admit that I was not running the organization, if I thought they should have promoted me in a certain way or done certain things, they have 600 athletes to think about, “he said.

You must change your present

At the same time, Tyron he dictated, “I may have realized that too late in the game, but at the time, I never really trusted many people. I grew up on the street, I grew up in gangs, and trust and respect are earned. I live in the murder capital of the country and I move in a certain way. I connect the dots and put things together, and I’m thinking that this is the intention, and I always want to prove it wrong.

He could have been let go before this. I could have let go of Gilbert Burns. I could have let him go after Kamaru Usman. I could have let go after Darren Till. It is not up to me. It depends on the organization, and I am grateful to have had another opportunity to show myself, and by doing so, you will see what I am, how great I am, “he concluded. Tyron woodley.

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