This is how Matchroom landed in Gibraltar for Whyte and Povetkin’s revenge, in one of the most dangerous airports in the world

Así aterrizó Matchroom en Gibraltar para revancha de Whyte y Povetkin, en uno de los aeropuertos más peligrosos del mundo

Finally the rematch between Alexander Povetkin and Dillian Whyte, which had been postponed due to the Russian Covid-19, and the headquarters will be Gibraltar.

This area is a 600-hectare enclave that has been under British sovereignty since the formalization of the Treaty of Utrecht, and has always been the subject of dispute between Spain and United Kingdom.

This British territory territory located in the south of the Iberian Peninsula which is surrounded by the sea Mediterranean, the ocean Atlantic and Andalusia.

So much Povetkin, What Whyte They are already in Gibraltar for the rematch and have started to loosen their muscles with light workouts.

Gibraltar airport

It is located on the isthmus that joins the British territory of Gibraltar with Spain, area in dispute between both countries. Its danger lies in the fact that it is the only airport that crosses the main avenue called Winston churchill, where traffic lights have been installed that turn red when an aircraft is about to land or take off, so that the cars of the locals stop and there are no accidents.

In addition, strong gusts of air complicate landings.

So it is quite risky to land there, if not ask Eddie hearn who appreciated arriving safely at this airport, which is classified among the most dangerous in the world.

Tourism in the area

Commonly called ‘The Rock’, Gibraltar has several very interesting tourist spots. For example Punta Europa, in the extreme south, where its lighthouse is very attractive.

Also in Europa Point are the University of Gibraltar and the most important mosque of the rock.

The Cueva de San Miguel is a wonder of nature, and to access it is to go to the Peñón Natural Reserve, a protected area that occupies the upper half of the rock.

There are several ways to access it: by cable car, by taxi, by bus or on foot, to enjoy the landscape and the different routes.

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