“Vergil Ortíz is good, but I saw a lot of holes in his boxing,” says Terence Crawford.

Terence Crawford y Vergil Ortíz

Terence crawford don’t go to Vergil Ortíz as a great threat and assured that he finds several flaws and holes in his style, after the victory of Ortíz on Maurice hooker.

“Yes, the boy has talent, but I saw a lot of holes in his boxing in that fight,” he commented. Crawford for the program The AK & Barak Show. “If we fight, I would exploit them to the fullest and I know that many people will say that I beat him because he lacked this or that.”

At the end of the fight Vergil, who turns 23, demanded that the current champion of the OMB welterweight category, but Terence does not believe that the moment of Ortíz has arrived.

“It’s just not ready for me yet,” he considered. Crawford. Give it more time. Let it grow ”.

Similarly, Crawford He gave his opinion about the fight he made Maurice hooker and the deficiencies that it evidenced before Vergil Ortíz, although he also saw some positive points.

Hooker he should have used his upper body movements more ”, he considered Crawford. “If they were hitting him with a lot of jabs and clean shots. He was standing very upright, and he was getting a lot of blows to the body that made him kneel. But i saw Maurice hurt Vergil, you know, when you saw Vergil at the end of the fight I saw everything inflamed ”.

Terence crawford he is still waiting for his next fight. Although he already ruled out facing Errol Spence Jr., still ringing on the horizon Manny pacquiao for the future of 2021.

Talks about Ortíz vs Crawford

Oscar de la hoya, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions and representative of Vergil Ortíz, assured that he sees possible that the Mexican blood can fight in the future against Terence crawford, after he spoke with Bob arum, President of Top rank and promoter of Terence.

“It’s very real (the possibility that Crawford and Ortiz fight) ”, he said From the pot. “Talk to Bob Arum and I had lunch with him at his house in Beverly hills. We talk about a fight we can do together. A common thing between Bob And I am that we are not afraid to make the fights happen, the fights that the fans want to see. We talk about Vergil and Crawford”.

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