Wants to knock him out: Vicente Luque, confident of ending Tyron Woodley’s career

Wants to knock him out: Vicente Luque, confident of ending Tyron Woodley's career

Vicente Luque, extraordinary 29-year-old fighter, wants to liquidate the historic UFC, Tyron woodley. This is the target for the next fight, the one that will take place this Saturday night, in the UFC 260. In any case, the American-born has already left the message so that Dana White will know what can happen. This is very well seen by fans, knowing that it will be the co-star.

Being that way, Luque He started by explaining, “It’s not how I wanted it, but I’m thankful anyway for having this opportunity, and yes, it makes it more fun. More people will be watching. More eyes on me, and I can go out, do what I do, have a great fight, and it sure will be fun. Fighting a former champion is always exciting. I think it will be a great night for me.

The last opportunity? Tyron Woodley and the chance to stomp Saturday at UFC 260

“He is definitely the highest level opponent that I am going to face to this day. I feel like it’s a different energy in a way in the sense that I know that people are going to have more eyes on me and I know what I’m capable of. I know true hardcore fans know who I am. They know my style, and that’s what everyone will see on Saturday night, “he summarized.

The above sayings

Wanting to climb positions, Vicente stressed: «This is a great fight, it really has to be done. It makes sense for this fight to happen now. Woodley is a former champion. It is not in a good place at the moment, but it is still very dangerous. He has several great wins in his career and I’m on a new winning streak. I’m hungry for a title shot.

We both have something to prove. He wants to be champion again, and I want to show that I can also get there and be one of the most dominant fighters in our weight class. I think now is the ideal time for this fight. Fans shouldn’t miss out on this potential match. It would really be great, “he also deepened Vicente Luque to close with his sayings.

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