Within hours of returning to the cage, Sean O’Malley left a spicy message to Jake Paul

Within hours of returning to the cage, Sean O'Malley left a spicy message to Jake Paul

Sean O’Malley, UFC fighter extraordinary, left a spicy message to Jake paul Hours ago. In the preview of his presentation at UFC 260, the American Mixed Martial Arts fighter was forceful against the 23-year-old fighter and youtuber. In that sense, who will face Ben askren in the ring he has earned a lot of criticism in recent times.

Of course, the youtuber does not like to go unnoticed in the world, so every day he wins dozens of professional fighters against him. It was precisely for this reason that Askren, legend of Mixed Martial Arts, accepted the challenge of crossing it in a boxing ring. That way, O’Malley He spoke with the media during these hours and acknowledged that Paul will have to beat Ben to prove his worth.

Come back with everything: Sean O’Malley returns to action this Saturday at UFC 260

His blunt sayings

Being that way, O’Malley He began by saying, “There aren’t many fights that excite me, and this won’t be the best boxing match. This won’t be a good technical boxing fight, but I’m excited. I am excited for that fight. I’m going to see it. I’m going to be excited for fight week. I’m going to see if they have little embeds or whatever they are posting. I’m watching”.

I want to see that fight. I don’t know, Ben vs. Jake, it’s exciting. It’s going to be a sloppy and sloppy fight. Ben will make him sloppy, which is good for him. Jake, it looks like he’s training hard. He’s young, he’s athletic, so if he doesn’t beat Ben askrenWe’ll see where it goes from there, “he also added to his words, making clear what he thinks about the boxing match that will come soon.

To close, Sean He also communicated: «He has to beat Ben to prove he is a legitimate boxer. I mean Jake because he will be a better fighter. Ben is a good competitor, it won’t be a good boxing match. It’s going to be tiring. God, I hope Jake doesn’t go in and try to turn off the lights in the first round, two rounds. He’s going to run out of gas and Ben will be there.

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