Career at risk? Two positive cases of coronavirus in the Formula 1 preview

Fórmula 1

The 2021 season of the Formula 1, but the pandemic of coronavirus does not stop. Hours before the start of the first free practice sessions of the Bahrain Grand Prix, it was confirmed that two members of the paddock tested positive and were isolated from the rest. They are the first confirmed cases of the season, which will be very long and you will have to take these problems into account.

The workers who confirmed their positive are part of the team Aston martin. During 2020, this team (Racing point), was one of the most affected in Formula 1. Its owner, Lawrence Stroll, and his two pilots, Sergio perez and Lance Stroll tested positive for the year. However, this Friday, the infected would be part of the team, but none of its two most important members.

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The top flight has already made a decision regarding these cases and it was decided that in the run-up to the Grand Prix the entire Formula 1 Paddock should be re-swabbed with PCR tests. This was confirmed by a spokesperson for the Aston Martin team. This source did not give the names of those affected. The teams and the category rejected the vaccination imposed by the Bahrain government in the previous one.

Max verstappen

Only some pilots made the decision to get vaccinated, such as Max verstappen, which in the run-up to the race confirmed that he received the dose of the vaccine Pfizer-BioNTech. However, Verstappen confirmed that the vaccine he received was not by the Arab government, but rather that it was given to him in Europe, although he did not say in which part of the continent he received it.

“Help. It gives you a feeling of security. As a pilot, you spend a lot of time traveling and are also in contact with a lot of people. Because of this you run risks and the danger has now passed ”, confirmed Verstappen. In addition, Sergio Pérez, who already had the virus, and Carlos Sainz, will also be vaccinated, as confirmed by the Spanish newspaper ‘’.

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