Marcelo Ríos: “It hurt me to be number one in the world, nobody teaches you to be an idol”

Marcelo Ríos: "It hurt me to be number one in the world, nobody teaches you to be an idol"

There are not many occasions when Marcelo Ríos speaks to the media, but now the former tennis player did it to talk about various issues, where among them he admitted that it was wrong for him to be number one in the world.

In conversation with Channel 13 from the United States, he maintained: “It made me bad to be number one in the world. It made me better known. The show business begins to appear, they get into your life, lies appear and the thing that mattered least was if I won a tennis match, I was interested if he sent me a shit “.

In addition, he added: “I took it aggressively. Nobody teaches you to be an idol. Nobody taught me. I continued making my life, I was God in Chile, in a country where there are no idols, where we had not won a single hole. , at 21 years old. I would have loved to be number one at 28, when I was more mature. It was too intense, everything happened too fast. I never liked the tennis player’s life. I liked to play, train, compete. But life, traveling, packing her up, every week, walking alone, I didn’t like it. “

Regarding his work present, the “Chino” commented: “I have not found anything that fulfills me, that you wake up wanting to do it (…) That is not competitive, that does not walk fighting to be better than the other, that is something where you go calmly, in peace and enjoy it. I can’t find it. “

“It came to me as an anguish and the doctor told me ‘take ravotril’. ‘And how many do I take?’. ‘Anything you want’. I’m being serious, the doctor is known, he fell. I took 12 milligrams a day . I took four or six in the morning and it was perfect and in the afternoon it fell, as if it didn’t give any more, I was cracked. So now I’m with a psychiatrist who is trying to get the ravotril out of me because I want to leave it because I cache it. mine was anxiety, anguish … “, added.

Note that Ríos will return to action next September, when he plays an exhibition with the controversial Australian Nick Kyrgios.

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