Max Verstappen is happy with Sergio Pérez: «We are both going in the same direction»

Max Verstappen

This Thursday the first press conference of pilots of the Formula 1. The pairs of pilots from each of the teams were present there, and Red bull I was not going to miss the appointment. Sergio perez and Max verstappen They gave the present and detailed what their relationship is like in the early stages of the season. While they confirmed that the deal is very good, they also said that they both want to beat each other. «We are both going in the same direction“Said Max.

In his words, Verstappen met a great person when he met Pérez, despite the fact that the relationship between the two was not long. In the videos published daily by the official Red Bull account, you can see that both have good times. We will only have to wait for what the relationship will be like on the track between the drivers, since both will seek to win the title.

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Press conference

The Dutchman commented that despite their relationship, the important thing for the entire team is that Pérez’s signing is the correct one. “First of all, I think the team needs to be happy with Sergio first. I have known Checo for many years and now that we are colleagues I have been able to see a little how he works. I think everything so far has gone very well, “he said.

On the other hand, Verstappen stressed that the main objective for the pilots will be to be able to fight with the Mercedes. “We are both going in the same direction. Everything is going very well and it is also great to have a bit of his point of view from his past experiences in other teams. That is always very good. I just hope that as a team now we can really score points and put pressure on Mercedes ”.

Finally, on a personal basis, Verstappen did not want to answer questions about his bid to beat Lewis Hamilton in the Formula 1 championship. “What matters is that you perform on the track when it counts and where you can score points. I think you just have to focus on your work and be calm, be concentrated, because thinking about whether you are the favorite only distracts you, “he said.

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