The last? Lewis Hamilton in search of the eighth title: “It will be very exciting”

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis hamilton it is before a season more than special. The British, who according to various media was very close to leaving the Formula 1, you can achieve unique marks. Hamilton faces the only chance to beat the almighty record Michael Schumacher, with seven World titles. Also, it may be the last of your career, in case Mercedes decide to change course.

The arrival of the hybrid era, in 2014, marked the beginning of a unique and unrepeatable dominance in Formula 1. Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes took all the titles since that year. Except in 2016, where Nico Rosberg He was the champion, all the seasons ended in the power of the British. In 2020 it equaled the Schumacher brand, something that a few years ago was unattainable.

The season began: this was the first free practice session of Formula 1

Hamilton knew how to beat the Ferrari and Red bull of Sebastian vettel, who was left with the frustration of not achieving the great dream of his career: to be champion with those of Maranello. The great obsession of the teams starts from being able to beat Hamilton and especially Mercedes. Something that for the first time since 2014 can happen this year, in case the team’s difficulties experienced in the preseason are confirmed.

The seven-time champion knows that if this is real, his reign is in danger and he can leave Formula 1 without the eighth title. However, the season is just beginning, and this is not the time to put the crown on anyone. While Verstappen excelled in the early rounds of the year, and Red Bull appears to be a step ahead, Hamilton isn’t ruling out anything, not even other teams getting into the actual title fight.

Exciting season

“I don’t think this is my end in Formula 1, it can be one of the most exciting seasons. With new teams, new formats and a closed competition. I do not like to think that it is the last year, but that in the next few months we will see if I am ready to stop or not. I don’t think I am, but you never know, “said Hamilton, leaving the door open to a departure from the category.

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