Alexander Medina: “One is always prepared for what may come”

Alexander Medina: "One is always prepared for what may come"

The chief” Alexander Medina was consulted this Friday about the future possibility of directing Mouth or River and stressed that the technicians “are always prepared for what may come.” In statements to the program Super Sporty (Radio Miter AM 790), the Uruguayan coach also remarked being focused on Cordoba workshops and he also spoke about the claims that describe him as the successor to Marcelo Gallardo.

Medina’s team beat Boca 2 to 1 last Sunday in La Bombonera for the sixth round of the Professional League Cup 2021. On the great Talleres game, the Uruguayan commented: “They are games that comfort, that make you see that you are on the right track because beating Boca and on his court, and playing with authority and determination, builds confidence; It is a joy for the result and the development of the game, where we played a very good game both individually and collectively, we were very happy to play a good game. We are very satisfied with the game that the boys are showing”.

And he added: “Many players have gone to this part for a year but the operation of Talleres has not changed; everyone knows their role on and off the field, that is fundamental. The form and the result go hand in hand, without the result you will lose confidence in the form. From La Bombonera we were satisfied because the team was superior from start to finish ”.

In Argentina, many maintain that he is one of the firm candidates to assume in Boca in case Miguel Ángel Russo resigns or is dismissed this year. Medina assured: “I had no contact with Boca or with another institution; I am focused on workshops, which has us busy trying to put ourselves in qualifying positions and what is to come in the Copa Argentina and Sudamericana ”.

“It is still a compliment that our coaching staff is being appointed in an institution as prestigious as Boca, but today we do not have it as a goal in our mind,” said the former striker who began his career as a coach in July 2016, assuming as DT of the Third National, team where he was appointed as coach of the main squad in December 2017. He directed the bag in the 2018 season and in June 2019 he was made official as Talleres coach.

The Uruguayan answered if he considers himself ready to take on a challenge like River or Boca: “Every day, the coaches have very important challenges, because we must solve problems that arise, both on the field and in management; From there we have sorted out different situations. One is always prepared for what may come, I am a person who does things out of conviction. And when I’m convinced I try to convince the players, this is a game of conviction”.

“When I take a step to another club it is because I am convinced that things will turn out well, when I put together a team I am convinced that it is the best team to win. Through this conviction I try to make the players believe in that way, if I go to another club it is because I am going to be convinced again that things are going to turn out well ”, affirmed the“ Cacique ”.

The Uruguayan coach also predicts a possible future at River in the event that Marcelo Gallardo decides to no longer be the coach of the Millionaire team and ends his successful cycle.

Medina knows the Argentine coach and related: “The great coaches worldwide are always regarded as references for other coaches, this case is no exception. It’s nice to look at the teams that play really well, I know Marcelo for having shared a year with him at Nacional in the 2011/2012 season, me as a player and he in his first year as a coach. We have maintained the relationship and he is always a reference coach”.

The Talleres DT confessed: “I am glad that he is evolving and growing as a coach because at that time I knew that I was in front of a very good coach but he really exceeded all expectations. What he has gained in this short period as a coach has been very important ”.

Medina remarked that he is focused on workshops because he also does not know when Gallardo could leave River: “He may stay a lifetime because he is very comfortable,” said the Uruguayan smiling, who also indicated that it does not bother him that they compare him with the Argentine or that they mention him as his successor.

“It doesn’t bother me, but I would rather go my way, mark my own style and stamp. The comparison does not bother me at all, on the contrary, It is a compliment because we are talking about one of the top coaches in the worldIt is a compliment that the game of Workshops is compared with that of River. But I like to talk about my team without comparing. If people or journalists find similarities with what River does, welcome. We want to forge our way, then we will see what the future holds ”, he commented.

Delving into the great game of his team, Medina commented that he chooses players based on genetics and physical and football aptitudes: “We are looking for fast players with good association, intensity, deployment and good footing; And from there we like a dynamic, intense game, with a very high pressure and after loss, being aggressive when it comes to recovering and attacking spaces, and then also trying to be a versatile team that can hurt opponents under any situation: with elaborate plays, with fast transitions, counterattack or set pieces, We try to have a wide range in the attack so as not to be predictable; is what we try against any rival and in any field”.

Finally, the Uruguayan indicated what reasons he finds for having achieved great triumphs against teams of significant power, unlike other meetings where Talleres started as a clear favorite: “Why better results against Boca or River? It’s a set of things, these teams also come out front and leave spaces, and their way of playing also suits us better, we have had good games against Boca, River, San Lorenzo, Racing; there is obviously motivation, because they are the games that all the players like to play ”.

“They are also situations that occur because in other matches of this tournament we have not had the forcefulness and effectiveness that we deserved, but without a doubt there are certain circumstances in these matches against Boca or River that do not occur in others, which have to do with our game and that of the rival, with motivation, with adaptation to matches. The results show that we like this kind of game, “said the Uruguayan.

And he assured: “We are a team to go out to play, to stand tall, to dispute possession of the ball, to play more on the rival field, and in these games when rival teams propose something similar it is a battle that takes place and we have enough weapons to do harm. We are a very audacious team that takes risks; You have to try to find a way around it to be consistent with other types of rivals as well ”.

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