Chile vs. Bolívia – Match Report – March 26, 2021

Chile vs.  Bolívia - Match Report - March 26, 2021

Martín Lasarte had a successful debut in the Chilean National Team. In the first match of the Uruguayan coach on the bench, La Roja beat Bolivia 2-1 in a friendly played at El Teniente de Rancagua, at a crossroads that the nationals almost completely dominated despite the narrow scoreboard.

Among the high points of the Equipo de Todos were Luis Jiménez and Jean Meneses in attack and Gary Medel in defense. Especially noteworthy is what was exhibited by the former Universidad de Concepción, who scored the second goal and a constant headache for its marker, Diego Bejarano. Meanwhile, the “Mago” fulfilled a great first part, although it was diluted in the complement, while the “Pitbull” put out several fires in the Creole rear.

In addition to the premiere of Lasarte, the match marked the return of Claudio Bravo to the captaincy of the Red. The Betis goalkeeper, who occupied the number ’22’ in honor of the late Mario Osbén, did not carry the genet for more than three years and today he had the tape despite the presence of Medel.

Regarding the match, Chile came out with an offensive attitude from the opening whistle and the first goal of the era by “Machete” came in just 12 ‘, when a free kick by Fabián Orellana ended in a tangle that left the ball to Jiménez, who he defined with a cross shot.

However, the Red relaxed after the goal and the highland team tied it at 18 ‘with a header from the historic Marcelo Martins after a corner. In any case, the celebration of the visit did not last long, because the locals would return to advance two minutes later.

At 20 ‘, César Pinares made a real game and enabled Jean Meneses, who took his mark with two hooks and defined his furthest stick. A great goal. After the goal, César Farías’s team fell back and the national team slowed down until halftime.

And while the hosts came out on the run again after the break, they lacked the effectiveness of the first half and were erratic after crossing the three-quarters of the court. On the clearest occasions, Fabián Orellana solved badly at 49 ‘and Jean Meneses shot wide at 52’, while Luis Jiménez weakly defined a header in a good location at 60 ‘.

Meanwhile, Bolivia began to raise the level and take the ball, although without ideas to reach the tie. In that scenario, Lasarte moved the board and got Angelo Henríquez, Pablo Parra and Carlos Palacios.

With the modifications, Chile gradually regained ground on offense and Erick Wiemberg warned with a high shot at 80 ‘after a surgical pass from Palacios. Finally, with Ignacio Saavedra and Clemente Montes on the court, Henríquez was close to making it 3-1 with a header in the discounts, but it was very straight and Carlos Lampe guessed the side.

It was the last chance of danger of Lasarte’s first triumph in a Red excited to qualify for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Precisely Bolivia and Argentina will be the next rivals to beat on the June Qualifying date, duels to which Paraguay or Ecuador could join in an unpublished triple date.

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