Dillian Whyte gets revenge and knocks out Alexander Povetkin in the fourth round

Dillian Whyte vs. Alexander Povetkin

Dillian whyte left no doubts in the rematch against Alexander Povetkin and took revenge by knocking him out in the fourth round, on the undercard of DAZN celebrated in Gibraltar.

The Russian boxer, who came in as the interim heavyweight champion of the CMB, it did not cause any problem to the Briton. The blows of Povetkin they were slow, without power and were not a danger to Whyte.

From the first round, Dillian controlled the center of the ring, throwing very powerful jabs that caused Alexander out back.

When the Russian wanted to go to the front, he was almost always greeted with good fists by the British. And the latter always responded with counterattacks or covered himself to practically end the contest intact.

While in the first two episodes Dillian whyte could not connect power blows, for the third he hit a forehand fly that went totally in the face and that moved the legs of Povetkin, but managed to survive the rest of the episode.

In the fourth round, Whyte continued with the plan and after connecting one-two, Alexander came out touched and came the onslaught of Dillian to end the contest with a right hand and then a left hook that sent the Russian to the canvas.

Even though Alexander Povetkin He managed to get up again, in the count the referee realized that he was not in conditions and decided to stop the contest. At the same time, the corner of the Russian threw in the towel.

“I said I was going to finish him in the first round, I couldn’t, he’s a tough guy. I knew I was going to finish it early, ”he said. Dillian whyte at the end of the confrontation. “I feel very good, the first time I shouldn’t have lost, but I made a mistake and paid. The guy is terrific ”.

Overview of the complete

The current heavyweight champion by the CMB is Tyson fury, who will face this year Anthony Joshua and the signed agreement is for two contests, so it will be complicated for Dillian whyte may soon face Fury.

Whyte He previously mentioned that he will surely have to wait until 2022 to seek the world championship.

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