“They haven’t won yet”: Fernando Alonso’s harsh criticism of Ferrari

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso returned to the Formula 1 with a very unfamiliar attitude. Spaniards no longer doubt the way to answer the media when someone criticizes them or questions their decisions. In the last hours, a journalist asked him about his departure from the team Ferrari at the end of 2014, after five seasons without World titles. «They still haven’t won«, He expressed.

Alonso came to Ferrari in 2010 and did it in a big way. In his first race at the Bahrain circuit, in that year, Fernando debuted with a victory at the beginning of the championship. He managed to beat an unbeatable Sebastian vettel. However, the championship would remain for Red Bull, and it would not be the only one, since it obtained four consecutive titles.

Fernando Alonso happy after training: «I really enjoyed it»

After several seasons, the Spaniard decided to leave the Italian team and many criticized his decision. Despite this, the two-time champion made it clear that if he returned to 2014, he would make the same decision to leave the Ferrari team. “We are in 2021 and they still have not won,” criticized the Spaniard to respond to whether or not he regrets leaving Ferrari.

«I never regret my decisions. With a crystal ball you can make a different decision at some point, but at each moment I felt the right thing to do, “he added. On the other hand, he also assured that the fans of the Italian team still remember him fondly, despite not having any crown with them.

“It was the perfect timing”

«Ferrari was the perfect timing. In 2014, there were successes for five years and we fought for titles until the last lap in three of the seasons. The atmosphere was incredible and the love between Ferrari and me too. But it was the right time. At one point the relationship is damaged and we wanted to have only love “, commented the now team driver Alpine.

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