Big problem for Dana White: What’s next in the UFC Heavyweights?

Big problem for Dana White: What's next in the UFC Heavyweights?

The President of UFC, Dana White, has a big problem ahead now, causing controversy. The Heavyweight of the company is red hot, with Francis Ngannou as a new champion and possible eternal leader. Being the strongest fighter in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, it seems impossible that he could lose. But what comes for him? That is the real question that the president is asking himself.

After beating Stipe Miocic, White had this to say about the African: “Derrick Lewis is the fight to do, but if Jon Jones really wants that fight, and listen, it’s one thing to go out there, tweet and say you want him, and me I got fat and this and that, do you want the fight? I promise we can call Derrick Lewis or one of these other heavyweights and they want the fight.

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“If Jon Jones really wants the fight, Jon Jones knows he can fight. All you have to do is call and do it. It’s easy to say you want the fight, but if you really want the fight, Francis Ngannou he is the world heavyweight champion right now. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call Hunter Campbell Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of UFC and we can close the deal, “he added.

You should analyze it well

Go to 185? I did not gain all this weight for no reason, “Jones posted in these hours, adding a laughing emoji. “I like it,” White replied, then looked at the cameras. So that sounds serious, Jon. Call Hunter right now. We can have that fight tonight. Call Hunter right now. What a great way to promote the fight. Let’s just shit on Jon Jones and make him look scared, “he said. Dana.

Therefore, to close, Dana White He stated, ‘How dare you ask to be paid a lot of money for a serious fight? If I’m Jon Jones and I’m at home watching this fight, I start to move to 185. Listen, I can sit here all day and tell you, what does it mean to show me the money? I tell you this all the time. You can say you want to fight someone, but do you really want to?

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