Georgia vs. Spain – Match Report – March 28, 2021

Georgia vs.  Spain - Match Report - March 28, 2021

(Jordi Blanco) – Spain went from scare to relief in Georgia. A goal from Dani Olmo in the last gasp gave the victory (1-2) to Luis Enrique’s team after a match that went from astonishment to despair, going through fright and without forgetting, even despite the result, the concern. Spain won after starting losing and after completing a very sad first half after which they finished below and needed to come back.

He did it by showing a certain improvement, not too much, after the break, taking advantage of both the local fatigue and, undoubtedly, the fortune that illuminated the winning goal and that arrived, in added time and thanks to an inexplicable error by the local goal, That stained in this way a more than remarkable performance. Spain won … But they didn’t like it.

And it is that he is looking for and there is no Spanish team that Luis Enrique renews with decision but without results. Neither in the game nor, the most alarming thing with each passing day, on the scoreboard. The Asturian coach decided to give Sergio Ramos a rest this Sunday and give Pedri and Bryan Gil the alternative in the starting eleven. Sergio Busquets returned to the starting team and wanted, from the outset, to have control of the game, hoping that the spirited Georgian start would diminish as the minutes passed and that his superiority would impose logic, in football and, of course, on the scoreboard. .. But it did not turn out as expected. Not much less.

To an excellent save by Loria at ten minutes to the auction of Ferran Torres, Unai responded at 17, rejecting a deadly header from Giorbelidze and from there, shortly after the first quarter of an hour, Spain began to understand the difficulty of the company, faced with a grown rival, without names but with pride, without track records but with enthusiasm and that based on impetus, speed and organization in defense handcuffed it without discussion.


It was a first half to forget. Moreover, to bury from Kvaratskhelia’s goal when the break was reached and that led desperate Luis Enrique’s men to the locker room. Without solutions or capacity, Spain was on the canvas in a way that was as unexpected as it was fair to what was seen on the field.

The Spanish coach decided to take a step forward with the entry of Dani Olmo after the intermission and it took him just ten minutes to transfer his broad dominance to the bright, with the draw of Ferran Torres finishing off a past center by Jordi Alba that suggested a comeback logic.

But that comeback was not observed anywhere. The growing dominance, accentuated with the entry of Thiago Alcántara, did not translate into clear opportunities, much less clarity of ideas. An attack practically by assault, without order and in which the players were looking for the Georgian goal in any way, gave to think of a second draw that was venturing dangerous in their qualification for the World Cup.

This drama was bordering on, in the worst beginning of a World Cup qualification phase that is remembered, when, after two minutes of the four extra minutes granted by the referee, Dani Olmo fired a distant shot, overlooked, which, being powerful, did not seem to offer more difficulties for Giorgi Loria … But the Georgia goalkeeper, inexplicably, slipped the ball between his hands and ended up in the net.

Miracle, as is, and momentous victory. Spain won embracing luck and to breathe relieved before a draw that she suspected dramatic and from which she escaped in the last breath.

In terms of football, however, Luis Enrique’s selection must, without excuses, improve. And a lot.

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