What happened? This was the controversial maneuver that took the victory from Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen

The end of the Bahrain Grand Prix of Formula 1 it was very controversial. The duel between Max verstappen and Lewis hamilton he left several texts in the media and sports programs. The Dutchman deserved to take the victory on the track, but the decisions of the sports commissioners of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), they stole the first place.

It all started several laps before the end. After his pit stop, Hamilton had gone several times beyond the limits allowed by the circuit, especially in the fourth corner of the drawing. There, the stewards began to scold the seven-time champion, telling him that he could be sanctioned if he continued with his behavior. There Hamilton showed his anger, telling the engineers not to talk to him on the radio.

Spectacular and controversial end of the Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix

At this point, Verstappen began to say that Hamilton was acting ‘illegally’, something that caused the FIA ​​to take action and again target Hamilton. After this, the Mercedes He did not come off again and his rival was getting closer and closer to his rear wing, something that caused the champion to make mistakes never before seen in his driving.

Near the end of the race, Hamilton defended himself against Verstappen’s attacks, until he finally overcame him. Everything seemed to be served on a platter for Max, who quickly escaped from Hamilton. However, a few meters later, the Red bull It was slow, implying there was a problem. Trouble? Verstappen let Hamilton pass at the request of the FIA, since in his opinion, the Dutchman had advanced outside the limits.


After the race, Verstappen accepted the ‘penalty’ from the stewards and explained why he did not overtake Hamilton again. “I went outside and had to return the position, then I had no tire left to attack,” he explained. For its part, Christian hornerRed Bull team boss was more confused. “When it mattered, it wasn’t allowed, it’s one of those things that happens.”

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