Will you accept? Vicente Luque aims for a UFC star after submitting Tyron Woodley

Will you accept?  Vicente Luque aims for a UFC star after submitting Tyron Woodley

Vicente Luque liquidated Tyron woodley this Saturday night, so now he dreams big. Both left a couple of minutes for history at UFC 260, where the South American shattered the American, leaving him almost out of the leading Mixed Martial Arts company in the world. Anyway, before the contest, the winner had already announced what he wanted for his next battle.

Before the fight started, Luque He said: “Leon edwards He has defeated me and is a great fighter. They’ve had an incredible winning streak together ever since, and I think it would be a great rematch. I also want a rematch with Stephen Thompson, but Edwards is the one who tempts me the most today. Leon Edwards is someone I’d really like to fight again. He had a great punch, a great cardio, a great wrestling and grappling.

A round for history! Vicente Luque defeated Tyron Woodley at UFC 260

“I was still developing and learning. I had good shots but I still had a lot to improve in my fight. My dirt game was good in some positions and I was still improving with my cardio. I see both of us as more mature and complete fighters. We both have what it takes to become welterweight champions, “he emphasized.

Think big

In addition, Vincent dictated: ‘When I see someone as Woodley fighting a guy like me, if I were him and he fought strategically, I would at least attempt takedowns to tire myself out and reduce foot stride. I think we will eventually fight in this fight, but I’m ready for it. My ground game is strong, especially with introductions, but obviously I want to impose my will on my feet.

But I think it ends with a knockout. I don’t think it’s going to be quick. Maybe at the end of the second round or at the beginning of the third round. I’ll be tough, but I anticipate a knockout. If you want to retire, that’s fine. If not, there is no problem either. He has mastered the division and nothing changes his story. For now, you might find that you can’t fight at the highest level and start doing lower-level fights, but keep competing because that’s something you love to do. There are many options », he closed Vicente Luque.

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