Without respect! Jake Paul called Jorge Masvidal live to make fun of Ben Askren

Without respect!  Jake Paul called Jorge Masvidal live to make fun of Ben Askren

Without a doubt, the relationship between Ben askren and Jake paul it’s not good at all, so they want to liquidate. In these hours, both were in front and starred in one of the images of the year. There, the youtuber and young 23-year-old fighter called by video call to Jorge Masvidal, who knocked out the ex-UFC in just five seconds. Therefore, between them they tried to intimidate one of the MMA legends.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to finish him off,” the youtuber told Masvidal. Given this, Askren He did not remain silent and emphasized: «JakeI know you have low self-esteem, but you don’t have to project it on me. This flashy guy is that of a grandmother. Literally, if I had set a grandmother against Jorge Masvidal, it would have lasted longer than this guy. He is a good athlete, they say, but on April 17 he will be exhibited, “he said. Paul.

It stung! The first head-to-head between Jake Paul and Ben Askren ended in a scandal

This is boxing against MMA and you will see the difference. You’ll see the difference between an aspiring fighter, a guy who choked at the Olympics, a guy who choked at the UFC, and now a guy who will drown against Jake paul. I’m going to end this guy’s career as a disgrace. Masvidal He did it once, I’m about to do it again, ”Jake summed up. “I was talking about your mentality, you are not going to intimidate me,” he mentioned. Askren.

Both will seek the knockout

For its part, Ben He also said: “That is not going to happen. You know, JakeIf you and I met in the back alley in Las Vegas and I wanted to commit a murder. ” Do it right now, then. So, do it right now. We are meeting right now ”, emphasized the young fighter. As it was expected, Askren He replied again: «Someone is going to stop me, you have like 27 people. Anyway, I would murder you if I wanted to.

I’m going to take it seriously. I’m going to have fun with this. Jake thinks he is a high-level boxer. 2021 seems like a tremendous year to beat the whole Paul family, “he commented. Ben askren. Thereto, Jake paul He summed up: “This fight will give me a lot of credibility. Ben’s 19-2 has fewer losses than Olympic wrestler Conor McGregor, so yeah, he’s a real fighter. That’s why I wanted to do this fight, it’s to show the world that this true fighter is messing with Jake Paul and that he will be KO in two rounds. “

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