A masterpiece: Dana White and the praise of Sean O’Malley for his magnificent knockout

A masterpiece: Dana White and the praise of Sean O'Malley for his magnificent knockout

Sean O’Malley came back with everything in it UFC 260, leaving a shocking knockout on Las Vegas night. With an impressive blow on Thomas Almeida, the American returned to the winning team and is now excited about having a shot at the title. Accumulate thirteen victories, nine of them on the fast track. In turn, he only has one loss to his credit, which was against Marlon Vera.

Being that way, the one who could not remain silent was the President of UFC, Dana White. The president spoke with the press in the conference after the event, where he began by saying the following: “He did it twice tonight. He looked good when he came back from the fight with ‘Chito’ Vera, he entered tonight against a really tough boy, resistant, with great punching power and tonight he put on a masterpiece.

He came back with everything! Sean O’Malley and an impressive knockout at UFC 260

“He pushed it away, stayed outside and did what he wanted to do. Hurt him in the first round. He thought he had finished it and then he finished it again in the third round. You really couldn’t have had a better performance than his tonight. You can do that fight at any time. That one is always there, but I don’t know what’s next for any of those guys, ”he also highlighted.

O’Malley’s illusion

Showing happiness and hope, Sean O’Malley He said, “I figured he was finished, but he’s a great fighter. Yes, I want a sweet knockout. I have fifteen minutes to give a good performance a couple of times a year, I have to show something good if I want to continue impressing people. I was talking to a lot of smart people and they all said that I had to hit my rivals’ feet more.

I should see it, but I’m glad I didn’t. I have to go to another round. The amount of times I watch my fights is ridiculous. I am my number one fan. I think that’s why I improve so much. I record each round of combat and watch it. I watch it in slow motion and I will send sweet videos to my coaches, ”he also expressed. Without a doubt, he did not agree with having to deliver that final blow.

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