Dallas Cowboys excited about Dak Prescott renewal: “he is the cornerstone of the team”

Dallas Cowboys excited about Dak Prescott renewal: "he is the cornerstone of the team"

The low season of the NFL It is ongoing, and the teams are beginning to form for the 2021-2022 campaign. One of the teams that is looking forward to returning to training camps is Dallas cowboys, who come to renew their quarterback, Dak prescott with an exorbitant contract. The franchise has immense confidence in the QB: «is the cornerstone of the team«.

Multi-million dollar renovation

It was a couple of weeks ago that Dallas cowboys announced the contract extension of Dak prescott. The Mississippi State-trained quarterback has signed an extraordinary contract with the Texas franchise, extending their bond for 4 years in exchange for $ 160 million. This has been one of the Free Agency’s most lucrative operations.

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Illusion for the return of Dak Prescott

Following the signing of the quarterback’s new contract, Mike McCarthy, head coach of Dallas cowboys, assured that the QB will be the key of the season for the Texan team. «Dak is the cornerstone of this team. I am excited for the second year in the attack. In many ways, we didn’t feel like there was a first year.

Likewise, the coach explained the great impact that the presence of the quarterback has in the locker room, being a figure that positively influences the spirit of the rest of the Texas franchise team. McCarthy assured that this effect will increase with the passing of the games. “His presence and natural leadership is something that will continue to grow. You see it in the locker room.

New opportunity

The contract renewal is more than a show of confidence for Dak prescott. The quarterback barely played 5 games last season, since he suffered a fracture in his right foot that left him out for the rest of the season. However, in these 5 games he got 2 victories with really important numbers. The QB averaged 32.6 points per game, with 68% completions for a 1,856-yard rush.

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