He broke the silence! Ben Askren dispatched Jorge Masvidal for fastest UFC knockout

He broke the silence!  Ben Askren dispatched Jorge Masvidal for fastest UFC knockout

After the flying knee of Jorge Masvidal, Ben askren broke the silence two years after that knockout. It was hands down the fastest finish ever in UFC history, the one in just five seconds. That was how long the fight between the two lasted, being historic and record so far. But, in these hours, the loser of said combat did not remain silent and gave his opinion on the matter.

Being that way, in your personal Twitter account, Askren wrote the following about said knockout. «I have abstained for 2 years, but let’s face it Jorge. You landed the luckiest knee of your life and made you famous. You are welcome. Usman gave him 50-43 and will likely do it again next month. Beat it loser ». Therefore, it quickly went viral.

He wants to put him to sleep: Ben Askren does not stop insulting Jake Paul and assures that he will have fun with him

After those words, Jorge Masvidal He responded to his sayings: ‘The individual I buried does not represent MMA. He represents all the casual, tough crotch sniffers. Clearly the relationship between the two is not right, especially when Askren will face one of his friends soon: Jake Paul. The youtuber trains with the “BMF” of the UFC and both liquidate the former MMA.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to finish him off,” the youtuber told Masvidal at the press conference of the boxing event. Given this, Askren He didn’t stay silent and remarked, “Jake, I know you have low self-esteem, but you don’t have to project it onto me.” This flashy guy is that of a grandmother. Literally, if I had set a grandmother against Jorge Masvidal, it would have lasted longer than this guy. He is a good athlete, they say, but on April 17 he will be exhibited, ”Paul said.

His anger at Jake Paul

A few hours ago, Askren he acknowledged: ‘From what I think of his jokes, he always chooses the lowest fruit. There really isn’t any high-level thinking or high-level trash talk. It’s literally the lowest level of things, like Masvidal. You think I haven’t seen Masvidal a million times? A hundred responses to every tweet I make has that GIF, or is it a meme? Whatever it is”.

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