Vergil Ortíz explains how he beats Terence Crawford and Errol Spence

Terence Crawford, Vergil Ortíz y Errol Spence

Vergil Ortíz explained how he could defeat Terence crawford or Errol Spence Jr., who are the top champions of the welterweight division.

“If I fight against Crawford, I will arrive with a full mentality, to my 110% “, commented Ortíz for Max kellerman from ESPN. “I’ll have my guard up high.”

Similarly, Ortíz He assured that it would not be easy for him to end him within the strings.

“To be honest, I will not stay long in the short field for me to connect, I am not going to give him blows,” he said. Vergil. “I’m not going to let the rhythm figure me out, and to be honest, we’ll have to wait and see what happens in the fight.”

If they come to offer the fight to Ortíz against Terence, it would represent a great opportunity for one of the best prospects in boxing today and he probably would not get another offer of Crawford again.

“I would definitely say yes to a fight with Crawford“, He assures Ortíz. “In other fights I have been aggressive, but I know that against Crawford I can’t go out to throw stupid punches. I have to fight each fighter in a different way, I have to have another strategy, and I know what I have to do differently. Against Crawford, I have to get my maximum level ”.

In addition to Crawford, Vergil Ortíz He also talked about how you have to fight to beat Errol spence, who like OrtízHe is also a native and resident of the Dallas, Texas metropolitan area.

“It’s basically the fight I’ve been dreaming of, with Spence”, He assured. “Spence and I grew up together in the same gym. We were training in the same gym, maybe since before 2010. It is a fight that I would love to see in the Cowboys Stadium “

On the crossing of styles between Errol spence and Vergil Ortíz, the Mexican American believes that it is the perfect combination.

“I believe that (Spence and I) are tailor-made for each other ”, he considered Ortíz. “We have the same bases, and if the fight happens it will be very competitive, aggressive on both sides. If he hits me, I’m going to want to land another hit, and we’re going to stay short. Because of the way I fight, I like to establish dominance in the distance inside and outside. I feel like that’s what would happen in that fight. We both want to be the best at everything. “

Ortíz defeated Maurice hooker in his last bout and claimed he could have performed better.

“I had coronavirus in the middle of training, more than half the time that I could have used for Sparring I did not use it, I think in the end I got a solid B +”, he was honest.

Either with Spence or Crawford, the fight against Ortíz it could meet the needs of boxing fans, who for now will have to settle for the champions’ refusal to face each other.

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