Angry: Aljamain Sterling asks UFC not to be “a street fight” and abide by the rules

Angry: Aljamain Sterling asks UFC not to be "a street fight" and abide by the rules

After winning the Bantamweight belt of UFC, Aljamain Sterling he was very angry. The Jamaican won by disqualification of his rival, who applied a strong illegal knee to the head. Therefore, thanks to Petr Yan’s infraction, the new division leader asks that the company not be «a street fight»And that it complies with the proper rules. That being the case, it gave something to talk about.

Taking into account the above, Sterling He started by saying, “You got guys who push, put all their weight on, and it’s like you’re sliding, so you can never stand up to get your takedowns. At the end of the day I am happy. I put myself in a position to fight for a world title. He has eluded me for a long time and unfortunately the fight was the way it was, we will do it again.

UFC news: Aljamain Sterling sets conditions for rematch with Petr Yan

«If that’s the best Petr Yan versus a Sterling diluted, people don’t even know, I had my morning shake, I ate at 10:30, I ate the food that the UFC principal investigator gave me for breakfast, a very small portion of food. And that’s all he had until the fight. I usually do the same, but eat a bigger breakfast and fight a lot earlier. So I felt very exhausted going into the fight in the back room, “he emphasized.

Ask for more attention

In addition, Aljamain he dictated: ‘I don’t want to make any excuses, but my performance was hampered and I feel like if I act like this, I still ate his best shots, his best shots, I like my chances in a rematch and I’m super excited. If you commit a foul intentionally, you must be disqualified. When else are we going to disqualify the boys? Do I need to bite an ear? Do I need to head-butt someone?

This is not a street fight. I came here for an organized fight. We know the rules, we play by the same rules, so enforce the rules. Enforce the rules. Everyone knows what we’re signing up for. People want to say that I complain. Getting a knee to the head, not getting a chance to finish the fight to see what the story would have been like, like we would never know. But I’m grateful to have the chance to do it again and I can shut up all the Russians and all the other trolls who are talking shit, “he closed. Aljamain Sterling.

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