Demetrius Andrade will make one more fight at 160 pounds and move up to 168


Demetrius Andrade confirmed that he will do one more fight at 160 pounds, then go up to 168 to seek fights with him. Canelo or Billy Joe Saunders.

Firmly, Andrade advised that his presentation before Liam williams April 17 will be the last in middleweight.

“After this fight, I will go up to 168 pounds to fight someone,” he announced. Demetrius Andrade in an interview with Brian custer, for Last Stand Podcast. “At the end of the day, we are not younger, we cannot stay slim forever, we gain weight, muscle and mass. I’m a middleweight and for me a middleweight is 154-168, but I’ll never be able to go back to 154. “

Demetrius Andrade acknowledge that Liam williams It is not the level of fighter I wanted to face.

Liam williams He is not someone who is on my radar, I only speak facts because at the end of the day he is not an elite fighter, a type of elite level that people tune in to, “he commented. Boo boo. “(James) Munguía, who really was my number one guy that I turned down to fight me, and now he’s number two. Williams He’s not going to stop this train, but I’m hoping he brings a fight because this is his chance to make something of himself, to make a name for himself, but at the end of the day you can say you lost to Demetrius Andrade“.

Andrade He acknowledges that he has not been finding quality rivals.

“I’m caught in a situation where I’m going to fight whoever is in front of me,” he said. Andrade. “And if the opportunity comes up, to fight one of these elite types, I will show people the skills that I have against another elite type.”

Demetrius Andrade spoke of his rivalry with Saunders

Although the rumors showed firmness in the alleged deal, the fight between Demetrius Andrade and Billy Joe Saunders.

“Smoke and mirrors on the side of Billy joe“, he pointed Andrade. “He came out and said he would fight with Demetrius, who did not want to wait for Canelo until May, and he pretty much just used my name as a lever to make the deal, which means we want that much money or we’re leaving to fight Demetrius Andrade. We know you really don’t want to fight Demetrius Andrade and the chances of losing are high fighting against Demetrius Andrade, and you said you wanted to unify the belt, so this is your chance ”.

As for your link with Matchroom and DAZN, Boo boo He explained that everything is due to a possible improvement in the quality of his opponents.

“Where were the middleweights going and the rumors, they were DAZN. If I went to PBCWho are the other really big names in the middleweight division, who can I get in the ring with? ”Asked the fighter rhetorically. “And now you do have the brothers Charlo, Caleb Plant, David benavidez. Great, they are definitely elite guys, but on this side you have elite money makers, you have to Canelo, you have a GGG, You’ve got me, Billy Joe Saunders now, you have a variety of elite guys who are going to bring more. money on top ”.

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