Facundo Campazzo: “I am not quite taking the dimension of what is happening to me”

Facundo Campazzo donated his Denver Nuggets jersey to Córdoba

Facundo Campazzo lives a dream come true. He was able to give him what every player wants since he was a child, to reach the basketball league most important in the world. The context for the pandemic is not ideal, but despite that enjoy every moment that you have to live.

“I don’t finish taking dimension that that Argentine who is playing in the NBA is me. That as someone else is in the NBA. I see what happens on social networks, but I also try to dose that consumption, because otherwise you will go crazy. I even noticed that there was too much demand and that much more was expected than I imagined for my start in the NBA. I knew that I was coming to a team with stars and in a secondary role. “, expressed the Cordovan in a special column for The nation.

And he told a small example that graphs what happens in the elite: “Everything here is honestly incredible. A few weeks ago I told you that in the morning I usually have a glass of beet juice before practice and I asked if that was possible. I clarified that I did not want to create a problem with that, when I finished saying it, the physical trainer approached me and said: ‘Facu, this is the NBA’. From that day on, every day in the morning there is my glass of beet juice “.


“Today they test us every day twice. Since I got here, I haven’t spent a day without testing myself. When I’m in Denver I have to go to the stadium twice a day and when we’re away they stop to do my studies in the room. It is all so jealous that, to enter the Denver stadium, you have to have a negative test that morning “, Campazzo continued in relation to prevention measures for the coronavirus.

It went on like this: “If I train at 10.30, I have to arrive at 9.30, take the test, wait in the car to give me the result and then they just let me go to practice. That’s how it is every day and you end up getting used to it. No I know if there is another league in the world with these conditions, we are practically living inside a bubble “.


Campazzo lives in Denver with his wife, Consuelo, and their young daughter, Sara. “It is a new world for the three of us. Language is the central issue, we are cheeky and although we know how to speak English it is still not as fluent as we would like. We put ourselves to the test by force, we challenged ourselves in that sense. holding hands and we are very comfortable. And the city is very beautiful, it is small, it is a Murcia style. We get used to it quickly and we come in very well “, he counted.

The care required by the authorities is so great that it even encompasses the inner circle. “When Consu and Sara went to see me in Orlando, I couldn’t get close to them, I couldn’t hug or kiss them. The photos I posted on my networks [Instagram], in which it is seen that I greet them from afar … Well that was the way we saw each other. Although they live with me, they had been in Miami visiting my family and were in contact with other people who are not tested every day. That’s why they didn’t allow me to get close to them “, the player stressed.

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Campazzo detailed: “Everything is named: even a lateral displacement to help the pass. Although you know that, the most difficult thing is learning the names. Change the style, the systems. I knew that because it is part of the adaptation. And It seems to me that the best thing I have learned in these months is that there is no time to regret what went wrong or be too happy for what you did right “.

Facundo Campazzo: 'I am not finishing taking a dimension of what is happening to me'

“Here they give a lot of importance to the shot from the corner, with which I am trying to familiarize myself. If you have a firm foot shot and you have a second, there is no doubt, you have to shake it. And if you miss, nothing happens, in the next attack, if you have any left, hit him again: shoot him “, considered the base.

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