Is it coming? Francis Ngannou defended Jon Jones and wants to fight him

Is it coming?  Francis Ngannou defended Jon Jones and wants to fight him

Francis Ngannou is the new leader of the Heavyweight, so now he wants to Jon jones in his first defense. At UFC 260, the Cameroonian knocked out Stipe Miocic, who had never been finished. In that sense, he became the first African to be the king of that division. His next battle could be his best of all time, as he wants the former Light Heavyweight champion.

Starting, Ngannou dictated: ‘I think Jon jones wants this fight. I think he will want it to happen because it is going to be a massive fight, a mega fight. Basically one of the biggest, I mean he’s been around for so long and he’s been champion for a long time, but I think this could be the biggest fight of his career, the same as mine. So he wants that thing. He wants to put something like this in his legacy, on his resume. “

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“I really think he wants this fight to happen. As for the negotiation, yes, he is asking for money, he said ‘show me the money’ but I think it makes sense. I think for a mega fight everyone would like to have a mega payout, the same as mine. I want that fight. I would like to have a good salary and all the other fighters would like that. There is nothing irrational about this. Everything is normal, “he said.

A historic fight

Analyzing what is coming, Francis He said, “Everybody hopes we’re doing this so that one day we’ll have a great payday. A great day of fighting. When that time comes, you’re like, ‘I wish I had what I wanted.’ So I believe in that and I see ‘show me the money’, proof to me that he really wants it or if you show him the money, he’s going to fight. I can’t relate to the Stipe fight to take Jon Jones lightly because I defended a Stipe takedown. “

«Jon jones it could have a different focus, a different balance, different transitions. In that performance that can be fixed and improved. My message to Jon would be to prepare and be serious, work seriously because he is going to have the biggest challenge of his life. I’m not going to play with him like those guys have been doing. It will feel different. You can put whatever weight you want on it, that does not take anything away from my strength or my power, “he said. Francis Ngannou.

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