Last days? Jon Jones screams to be allowed to leave the UFC and is all the rage in networks

Last days?  Jon Jones screams to be allowed to leave the UFC and is all the rage in networks

Dana White, President of UFC, was controversial a few hours ago and Jon jones he didn’t take it well at all. The company’s Heavyweight is red hot, with Francis Ngannou as the new champion and possible eternal leader. Being the strongest fighter in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, it seems impossible that he could lose. But, “Bones” wants to be his new rival and asks for a lot of money.

In it UFC 260, Francis Ngannou He became a Heavyweight champion, making MMA history. There, the Cameroonian knocked out Stipe Miocic, who had never been finished. In that sense, he became the first African to be the king of that division. He is clearly happy, and for that reason he already thinks about what is coming. At the end of the fight, he made it clear that he wants Jon jones in your next battle.

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There is tension in the environment

It was precisely for this reason that everything exploded, since the president did not ensure this fight. Being so, Jones He posted hours ago on Twitter: “Please cut me off now. You’d rather have me around and treat me like shit. I swear the industry of UFC It has been nothing but depressing for me. Damn, let me go. What kind of weird sh * t is this? Obviously the boss hates me. Let me take my business elsewhere.

After White’s words, the former Light Heavyweight champion said: “Conor McGregor wants a lot of money, it is expected. Jon Jones wants money, now he’s scared. I’ve been fighting my entire adult life, this shit just doesn’t feel right when you’re feeling underrated. It’s not about wanting to fight. It is a matter of wanting to be paid better. Let’s make it clear.

Okay, Derek can fight. There is no need to rush through a big thing. I’ve already had a Hall of Fame career, I’m going to need some bread. Why does a fighter have to be afraid the moment he mentions that he wants to be paid what he is worth? What an insult. I left the Light Heavyweight division, I literally gained a huge amount of weight, “he summed up. Jon jones.

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