Sylvester Stallone is already working on a series that will tell the origins of Rocky Balboa

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Sylvester Stallone ya trabaja en una serie que será precuela de Rocky

Sylvester Stallone revealed in his social networks that he has begun to work on a project for a series designed for television, and that as a prequel, he moves back to the origins of Rocky Balboa.

So it is possible that the saga of Rocky not finished yet. On the contrary, it will start over. After six blockbuster movies starring Sylvester Stallone It seems that the franchise will have a push to return to the foreground.

Sly uploaded some photographs to his official account Instagram, where he showed handwritten notes, and a small draft script of what would be an upcoming series of Rocky Balboa, which focuses on the life of the protagonist before becoming a boxing champion.

Stallone wrote next to the image.

I started this morning by writing a treatment for a prequel to Rocky. Ideally, it would be 10 episodes over a few seasons to really get to the hearts of the characters in their younger years. Here is a small portion of how my creative writing process begins. I hope it happens. And then I had to clear my mind a bit, so I went fishing. Let’s talk about the extremes. Keep hitting, folks.

The two handwritten pages are titled as: “Treatment for the prequel series of Rocky“.

Imagine a time machine that will simply transport us back to the origins of Rocky. A cinematic world brimming with characters who have been loved by people around the world for almost five decades, ”he wrote.

Stallone offered no thoughts on who might play the Rocky younger. Your son, SeargeohThe 42-year-old would probably be too old for the role.

Finally, the actor concluded its publication of Instagram saying: “Here is a small part of how my creative process begins [sic] … I hope it happens ”. He added that he then went fishing to clear his mind.

Too, Stallone published a small draft script with the initial ideas for the series that will tell the origins of Rocky. It is worth mentioning that Sylvester Stallone was the scriptwriter in much of the saga of Rocky.

Rocky could appear in Creed 3

Now that it was confirmed that JB Jordan will be in charge of directing the third installment of the saga of Believe, there is a good chance that Sylvester Stallone come out again playing your role as Rocky Balboa.

Let us remember, that in these tapes, an old Rocky is the coach and mentor of the son of Apollo creed, so it is very likely that he is present in the third episode.

And is that Stallone He has great appreciation for the saga, since in the first he got the award Oscar for best supporting actor.

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