The disastrous record of Nikita Mazepin that generated a wave of criticism

Nikita Mazepin

Nikita mazepin did not arrive in the best way to the Formula 1. The Russian pilot was the protagonist of many scandals that caused his rejection of the category. However, and in the face of all the boycott campaigns, Mazepin made his debut in the top flight this weekend, although it was not in the best way. The one of Haas he had to drop out and only lasted a few meters in the test.

Mazepin had his debut and set a record. However, it is not the brand that the Russian pilot would have wanted to register. After the abandonment in the first round of Bahrain Grand Prix, Mazepin had the worst debut of the last 20 years in Formula 1. The Haas driver lasted just 900 meters in his first race in the top flight.

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Mazepin had already had several stability and reliability issues in the other tests over the weekend. The Russian wanted to advance to Q2, at the last moment of Q1. However, a rookie mistake, as the experts say, caused him to be thrown off the track and caused a spin that buried all his expectations of advancing in the classification.


Following his mistakes over the weekend, Mazepin spoke to the press and took care of the mistakes he made throughout the weekend. “I am very sorry for the team, because they deserve to do much better, so yes, I am very angry with myself. Mick (Schumacher) I was very close, so I was very focused on making sure we didn’t make contact, ”he explained.

“Then I got on the curb, accelerated too much and lost the car. There was no way to get it back. I know it sounds a bit strange, but doing an entire weekend was a great learning experience. There is a lot to get out of this, but it was also one of the worst days, ”added the Russian after Sunday’s race.

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