The unusual contract that Loco Montenegro signed in the ’90s: “I must be the only one”

The unusual contract that Loco Montenegro signed in the '90s: "I must be the only one"

Hernán Montenegro made a second leap to fame in his life thanks to participating in MasterChef Celebrity, a Telefe program that brought together varied personalities and put them to cook. But what made him known was his skill with the orange ball in the hands. The former basketball player spoke with Clarín and revealed the unusual contract he signed in the ’90s.

“The only thing I’m going to brag about is that I went to the NBA when nobody knew what the hell it was. Then the others came,” counted the Mad, who along with Jorge González was the first Argentine chosen to be part of the American league, although he did not play official matches.

On his experience in the NBA, he added: “I arrived in ’88. I went to the moon and they don’t call me Armstrong. I opened the door and the others made a gate. Whoever likes it, I opened the door for them. When he dreamed, others slept. But that’s it, it’s past history, I don’t make a living from it. I live of what I am today ”.

After not being able to debut in the United States, El Loco played in Italy and returned to Argentina in 1990, to play for Estudiantes de Bahía Blanca, your natal city. In an extensive talk, the Mad He confessed, without mentioning the team, the unusual contract he signed in the early ’90s: “I am an antisport and I take charge. I put a clause that said I had no right or duty to train. I must be the only professional athlete in history who signed such a contract. Sportingly it is very bad, but I am in charge of my history.

“I was an artist of my own. It may sound superb, but it was like that. This does not mean that I was a great athlete, nothing to see. I suck a sovereign fuck what I was. All I did was to travel where I traveled and to be who I am today: an ordinary human being who did different things ”, closed Montenegro.

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